DAN Doctor Introduction

Below is a picture of my darling beloved son, Marky. Without him, I shall still be an emergency doctor instead of a DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor. I have treated over a thousand Autistic kids all over the world with great success.


Throughout this introduction are before and after pictures of patients I have been treating with the DAN protocol.


Here is my story:

I just want to introduce myself briefly so you know who I am and what my mission is. I was born in China, grew up in Vancouver, Canada, where I did my honors in Biochemistry and Medicine. After graduation, I practiced many years as a Family Doctor and as an Emergency Doctor. I really love practicing medicine; I used to say, “Wow, they pay me to do this?”

About 15 years ago, I moved to the United States from Vancouver when my husband’s infertility practice was relocated here. I had just finished settling down and re-started my work when my son, Marc, was diagnosed with Autism. I thought to myself, how many years did I spend in medical school and how many years did I spend with my beloved patients? The least I can do is to spend my time and energy in helping my son now.


So I stopped all activities and just concentrated on helping my son. Along the way, so many parents asked me for my help that I started my practice of treating Autistic kids exclusively. All my waking and sleeping hours were devoted to figuring out how best to treat these lovely, sweet kids.

Fortunately, the protocols have been improved more and more so that most of the kids that we treat with the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) protocol improve greatly. Some improve quickly, just with the gfcf (gluten free casein free diet) alone, some more slowly. Then there is the challenging 10-20% that won’t budge, no matter what we do. So I continue to be humble and open-minded—we want to be able to help ALL Autistic kids!


Along the way, I have been able to develop many new protocols that are safe and very effective. I am so grateful that I have had many kids that have lost their diagnosis of Autism. But there was a difficult time in my practice: let me tell you about it so when you read about it elsewhere, you will know a little about it already.

In the DAN protocol, there was a recommended treatment, backed up by many studies, that if the child has high viral antibody titers, that it really helps to give them high doses of Vitamin A. Now, in the first days of medical school, they already warn us of the possible toxicities of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. So I implemented the high Vitamin A protocol with extreme reservation. But with so many of the top DAN doctors using it with great improvements, I used it as well. It is to my great sorrow and regret that, as luck would have it, one of my darling little guys became very ill on this protocol. Poor little sweetheart was hospitalized in order for his liver to heal. I promised the parents that I would notify all the other DAN doctors to stop this protocol as well as write and widely publicize an article on how to look out for Vitamin A toxicity (see article) so that the parents can monitor it themselves. Even though it is the doctor’s responsibility to keep an eye on things, it is always better for the parents to know as much as possible for no-one knows your child better than you do.


So I take full responsibility for what happened to this sweet boy. Luckily, he has recovered. But I have learned from this lesson, I shall never do any protocol no matter who is supporting it or how many kids did OK with it; I shall always go with my knowledge and gut instincts. The only good thing from this horrible situation is that if you search online, there have been no deaths or mortality from Vitamin A toxicity, ever. So enough about this very sad situation; I just want all of you to know that the Vitamin A was not given carelessly or thoughtlessly; I did it with best intentions and with care. I have learned from this and practices with even more care than before. I want all of you to know that I really love all these sweet Autistic kids because of my son… We are all in this together!


I realize that I can only see so many patients personally, so I created this blog to help parents learn as much as possible to help their sweet Autistic child progress as far as possible. I have the honor of treating so many kids with so much success so I have learned a lot. Also, parents from all over the world e-mail me about what works for them, as well as other DAN doctors. So I am going to select what I feel is most important to know and post these bits of info on this blog. Please feel free to add your information or thoughts in the comment section. If you have a question, please do not feel badly if I do not always answer as I might not know the answer or am conflicted about info, but the rest of you folks feel free to respond to each other—we leave our egos at the door when it comes to helping our kids.

So this blog is meant to act as a light to all of us; knowledge is power. As there are many DAN doctors in the US now, my passion is to help kids overseas, so if you would like me to come to your country to give a conference to educate and to see kids in consultation, please e-mail me at : miriamjangmd@comcast.net. Also, please do visit me at http://miriamjangmd.com for more info on what I believe works.


So, at this point, please remember that all comments from me as well as others, carry this medical disclaimer :

Please remember that this not meant as medical advice but as a desire to share information. Please always implement treatments under medical supervision. We are cannot be held liable for any of this information.

God bless all of you and let us walk together to help our kids do the best that they can do!

Below is a picture of my mentor, Dr MacCandless, Author of :Children with Starving Brains, which is a wonderful book about the DAN protocol.



Miriam Jang MD

This is a medical disclaimer: Please remember that this not meant as medical advice but as a desire to share information. Please always implement treatments under medical supervision. We are cannot be held liable for any of this information.never-give-up-jpg.jpg


Please visit my website for more information on what we know about Autism http://miriamjangmd.com



  1. Hi. I’m just wondering best interventions to do early on as my son is 18 months old and has yet to be evaluated (though will be shortly) however I feel he is displaying concerns that, if dealt with right now, could be ok maybe. I have food allergies and candida, true candida diagnosed by tests and top doctors not any self-diagnosed-over-diagnosed-candida. (My son was naturally birthed, no vaccines, and exclusively breastfed until 14 months old, I was afraid to give him vaccines because we have so many food allergies and seizure disorders and candida in our family). At 6 months old my son developed bad excema – around that time I started feeding my son solids and also got a breast-yeast-infection that lasted a few months. I was already mostly gluten-casein free myself but I used to cheat a few times a week so when my son got excema and I was breastfeeding I stopped all nuts/eggs/casein/dairy…it helped a little in that he wasn’t congested but didn’t help excema enough. Aft 14 months I suddenly stopped breastfeeding my son and put him on LOW ALLERGY diet and his excema: GONE IN TWO WEEKS! But…it started coming back in his face (not his body) but in his face again and again and more and more….Right now if I avoid all the 8 top food allergens and stay low-phenol his excema is mostly clear but I am worried…since 13 months old he had occassionally walked on tip-toes but now at 18 months old he is walking on tip-toes very often for four days in a row…today flapping both arms up and down…he only has a few words for his age and they are not very clear…I know one big thing happened in his childhood…at 11 months old he had such bad excema that we got him the 30-food-allergy-prick-test to help the excema but unfortunately after the prick test he was screaming-crying and within one week was doing a fast chin-to-shoulder-tic and vomitting and had NO appetite and banging his head. He was perfect before this skin-prick-test besides his excema so that was a bad turning point for him. He still touches his chin-to-shoulder and now he has been increasingly walking on his toes and yesterday and today I see him flapping his arms and I just want to intervene now because I already have him on a very allergen-free-low-phenol diet and it’s not enough. I did give him gluten for first time in his life this week and eggs so maybe that’s why he’se walking on his toes and flapping? I will not give him any gluten or eggs from here on. I have always had him, before this week, on a no gluten-no-dairy,-no-soy,no-corn,no-nuts,low-phenol diet because it seemed to keep his skin clear. This week I did give him eggs and gluten (but I only gave him gluten on one day…so I don’t know if the new foods caused the increase in toe-walking and the new arm-flapping but something this week has gone wrong. Any advice please let me know – I would love to pay you for consulation by phone or email or in-person. thank you!

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