Posted by: miriamjang | March 24, 2011

Stem Cell Press Release

I am not sure of what role this will play in the treatment of Autism. So this is not a recommendation that one should use stem cell for the treatment of Autistic kids. This is informational only.

November 4, 2010; It was announced today that stem cell therapy is now
available in the Dominican Republic. Known as the “Stem Cell
Project”, Dr. Gene Anthony with assistance from Robert Hartsoe have been working on making stem cell therapy affordable for children and adults with various forms of brain injury,especially autism. Different
methods have been studied and Adipose Stem Cell Therapy was chosen as
the primary method to be used. However, one of the problems with some
of the children with CP, and other more serious forms of brain injury is
they do not have the extra fat tissue to extract the stem cells. So,
in addition, it was announced today that bone marrow stem cell will also be available in the Dominican Republic. The costs of both types of stem cell therapy is reported to be less than $6,000 which is over 70% less
than most parts of the world. There is a special yahoo group you can
join to get more information. You can join for more information. The Dominican Republic may become the Stem Cell capital for brain injury. The “Stem Cell Project” is a major breakthrough.


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