Posted by: miriamjang | March 24, 2011

Science in Autism Treatment — Free Newsletter!

Hello All!
After a wonderful Thanksgiving, and the rush of Black Friday shopping here in the US – many of us are relaxing around the house, recuperating. If you’re at your computer and have a few moments, now might be a perfect time to sign up for the Association for Science in Autism Treatment’s free quarterly newsletter.
You can do so here:
We have a new issue coming out soon – signup so that you’ll receive it first!
Our goal was to get our newsletter out to 6000 subscribers by the end of 2010. We’re quickly reaching the end of 2010 – and only need a few more subscribers! Will you help us reach it?

If you’re unfamiliar with SIAT, it is a newsletter packed with information (20-30 pages per issue) that include things such as:
Is there science in that? [we take treatments proposed for autism and examine the scientific literature supporting it]
Interview with those in the field [ranging from ASAT board members/volunteers, parents, and scientists in the field]
Article reviews [generally 3 article reviews that provide a quick and easy review of articles germane to scientific treatment in autism]
Upcoming Events that may be of interest to the reader
Treatment Summary [we choose a treatment proposed for autism and provide a very brief summary]

If you are already signed up – we urge you to share this invitation with others that you think might be interested.


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