Posted by: miriamjang | March 24, 2011

Auditory Training

In recent study at ASU found that 44% of children with autism have moderate or severe sound sensitivity. This seems primarily to be due to high-frequency sounds.
In my own practice, I have sent many patients to Auditory Training with very good results: either Tomatis or Berard. The Autistic kids were more focused, less stimmy, and calmer. In the case of Tomatis, they give the parent free treatments when you bring in your child. In my case, I noticed that my position sense improved: it used to be that I had problems driving on the left side of a tunnel; I would feel that I would drive into the wall of the tunnel. Now I am good to go with that.

Again, please remember that just because your Autistic child does not respond to a treatment earlier, it does not mean that your child will not respond to it later: either because of the maturing of the nervous system or because of the healing from bio-medical interventions. Also, some Autistic kids improve with more sessions separated by periods of time.


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