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Better safe than sorry, Ottawa says of plastic ban.

More News Of Plastics Safety:

19 April

Better safe than sorry, Ottawa says of plastic ban.

In one of the most significant regulatory moves in decades, Canada is set to become the first country in the world to list bisphenol A as a toxic substance and ban the use of polycarbonate baby bottles.
Toronto Globe and Mail, Ontario.

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The plastics revolution.

It changed our world, but are we trading convenience for safety?
Washington Post.

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US: Bisphenol A levels in humans

A new analysis by the CDC indicates that many Americans are exposed to bisphenol A at levels above the current safety threshold set by the EPA based upon decades-old data. These levels are significantly higher than those sufficient to cause a wide array of health effects in animals following exposure in the womb. Exposure to another industrial chemical, 4-tertiary-octylphenol, is also widespread.

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Risks of bisphenol A

Thirty-eight of the world’s leading scientific experts on bisphenol A have warned policymakers of potential adverse health effects of exposure to the widespread molecule used to make plastic and food can lining. They conclude that average levels in people are above those that cause harm to animals in laboratory experiments. And they calculate that average serum levels in people can only be explained by assuming that exposures today are already above the level that EPA considers safe.

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Bishpenol A, hypo-methylation, epigenetic reprogramming

Exposure to bisphenol A during development changes gene behavior in mice, causing genetically identical animals to develop differently. BPA exposure reduces DNA methylation, thereby increasing the expression of genes that would have been silenced. The results can be counteracting by supplementing the maternal diet during pregnancy and lactation with nutrients that increase methylation, such as genistein, a phytoestrogen found in soy.

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Baby’s Toxic Bottle.

Bisphenol A leaches out of six major brands of popular baby bottles sold in the US and Canada. Laboratory experiments with animals show that exposure to level of bisphenol A that leaches out of these bottles causes a range of adverse effects.
Published by Center for Health, Environment & Justice.

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Autism is a mystery

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