Posted by: miriamjang | March 28, 2008

Is there a Link Between Physical Trauma and Autism?

I was quite shocked when I read this article and would love to hear from all of you about any experience of this:

Two very well known DAN doctors have been trying to help a physician’s son who developed fairly classic autism within days of partially severing a finger and having the plastic surgeon repair it under local anesthesia.

They are  convinced that this is a case of physical trauma being associated with PTSD leading to autism.  They know of one other case that is similar.

 In the collective wisdom and experience of this amazing group does anyone know of other cases or literature on this subject?


This is a medical disclaimer: Please remember that this not meant as medical advice but as a desire to share information. Please always implement treatments under medical supervision. We are cannot be held liable for any of this information.





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