Posted by: miriamjang | March 15, 2008

Lead Testing Service at Home

I came across this and thought it would be very helpful as 100% of my Autistic patients have high lead. When we treat to take this lead out, we have increase in brain functioning and intellect. In the past, t was thought that low levels of lead was acceptable; now we know any level is harmful and can affect the IQ.


A parent’s report:

There was some interest expressed about XRF lead testing, so I am giving you all the
details. They are Atlanta based, but do travel if they have a number of appts. blocked

We had this done Friday. They spent 2.5 hours in our home and were thorough, efficient
and professional. I got his permission to post his number: Jeremy Weir, 770-310-7909,
email: <>

I’m happy to report my crock pot passed the lead screening…but many other items did not
pass. I had expected the failing items to be cheapo toys made in China, but that wasn’t the
case. We are disposing of these items because of the high lead content:
-Noritake, Eternal Blush dinner ware (20 years old…probably in the glaze)
-bounce house, inflatable 6′ x 6′ castle (bad all over)
-handmade ceramic pieces from those make-your-own pottery shops…probably the glaze
-some ceramics Mom made about 40 years ago
-mega blocks: red and orange are history: the other colors were OK
-vinyl hand grips on a bicycle and a riding horse
-a brown painted toy box/nightstand/coat rack set with Western theme
-little red cowgirl boots (in the leather dye)
-a few children’s books with vinyl highlights, a few toddler cups
-a nice set of Starbucks coffee mugs & dessert plates, made in Italy (15 years old)
-a little piano toy with megablocks

Colors are something of a guide: yellow is suspect, and red, orange, brown. Blue, white
and black are less often found to contain lead. Safer toys that they said rarely test positive
include: Legos, Duplos, Little Tykes, Little People, Doug & Melissa toys.

For me, it was money well spent. My son showed high lead levels in porphyrin test and
hair test. So I want to be sure he is not getting continuing exposure.

Hope this helps someone in their journey,

This is a medical disclaimer: Please remember that this not meant as medical advice but as a desire to share information. Please always implement treatments under medical supervision. We are cannot be held liable for any of this information.




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