Posted by: miriamjang | January 15, 2008

Hyperbaric Results

Hello Again,

This is some data e-mailed to me by one of the doctors that I collaborate with in Peru about his results of some of the kids that was put on to HBOT or hyperbaric:

 “Dear Doctor Miriam,

We wish you a very “Happy New Year”, Dr Miriam!

I wish to inform the advances that we are having with the children with autismo in the therapies of Hyperbaric Oxigenación. They are 7 children who have received therapies to date and these are the advances of each one of them:

 Distinguished boy E R of 10 years of age, already takes 76 sessions in the improvement to be a little slow, but what I observe he is that he has improved in his conduct. He is calmer, he fixes the glance before the call, obeys you when you give him an order, is  pronouncing monosílabos better, but he still lacks better development of the spoken language

Young A A of 4 years of age, already takes 49 sessions and her improvement has been a little faster. She has been happier, she obeys you order, articulates words from session 15  and little by little it already is stammering every day palabritas.

Boy G T of 5 years of age, just takes 7 sessions still no advances can be seen. The boy obeys orders, takes care of to you before the call, but he does not articulate any word

Girl C E V of 4 years of age, takes 25 sessions and is advancing well. She is improving with the  articulation of words, is more aware and more responsive to orders

 Girl N V C of 11 years of age, I make 9 sessions but we stopped the therapy because she seemed to have regressed on the therapy..

 This it is a summary of the advances of the children with autismo who we have received until the present time. Our analysis is that the majority had an improvement since the therapies began except for one girl. What is the protocol to follow in the children who are going to finish their therapies and should we have an increase in the treatment pressures? Thank you very much for all your support and direction.

Dr. Miriam I wait for your commentaries with respect and I take your leave sincerely

Dr. J V

Medical Director”


This is a medical disclaimer: Please remember that this not meant as medical advice but as a desire to share information. Please always implement treatments under medical supervision. We are cannot be held liable for any of this information.






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