Posted by: miriamjang | January 12, 2008

The Importance of Heavy Metal Detoxification and Autism

Greetings to all of you!

Besides the gfcf diet, the removal of toxic metals is the next most important treatment. Again  please remember that this is not meant to be medical advice but only sharing of information. Anything mentioned here should be done under medical supervision and at your own risk. We cannot be held liable.

I have found 100% of my Autistic kids have high lead levels; we now know that even low levels of lead can lead to lower IQ points and learning difficulties as well as poor muscle tone. About 80% of my patients have high mercury levels. To see the effects of mercury poisoning, please go to my web-site: About 50% have high arsenic. Then there is aluminum, cadmium, antimony(found as flame retardant in all new clothing; please wash all new clothing, towels, bedding etc 3 times before letting your Autistic individual use them) and tin among the rest of the harmful heavy metals. As I  mentioned, the effects of these metals are additive (synergistic) so even a little of each can add up to major toxic effects.

I find that when I test my patients and then carry out a protocol to remove these heavy metals, across the board, I notice an improvement in:

1) Awareness

2) Happiness and sociability

3) Improvement in speech and language

My oldest patient is 39 years old; I never expected him to improve much. His 73 year old dad says that :”I never expected to enjoy my son’s company in this lifetime. Now my son is happier, more aware and speaking better every week”!

So let us take a look at the steps that you might want to go though with your DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor.

First of all, we have the testing of heavy metals: a random blood sample is not a reliable indicator of heavy metal load as the levels will only be elevated in cases of acute exposure.

We have found that  a 6 hour urine challenge test is the best: you give the person an agent that removes heavy metals orally (dose is calculated by weight), then you give the person lots of liquids and collect urine for 6 hours. We like Doctor’s Data for that test.

Secondly, you want to test the person’s mineral status and make sure that he or she is not mineral depleted. All agents will remove some good metals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium etc, even thought the highest affinity would be to the heavy metals. So you must make sure you spend several weeks to improve the mineral status first.

Thirdly, most doctors feel that it is good to check to see if there is yeast or bacterial overgrowth  in the gut and correct that first before starting on heavy metal removal.

The 2 or 3 agents that I like are:

Calcium EDTA (make sure that it is calcium)

DMPS (not FDA approved but 3 times more effective than DMSA for mercury removal )


The best Agents for:

Mercury: DMPS, DMSA

Silver: EDTA, DMPS

Aluminum: EDTA


Antimony: DMPS, EDTA

 First we tried oral therapy: oral EDTA is not effective

Oral DMSA and DMPS have high rate of causing more yeast and bacterial overgrowth

Creams, gels etc (transdermal) are of limited use

I have found that suppositories of the most use: relatively inexpensive and  easy to use.

I have had all the beneficial effects mentioned  above with suppositories. You just have to get used to the idea.Suppositories really do not scar your child emotionally

I am running out of time but  would like to write more on the subject, so I would like to post it now to get this info out there but please return to this blog as I will add more to this very important topic.

To be continued…..


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