Posted by: miriamjang | January 10, 2008

gfcf Food Ideas


1) There is a wonderful web-site with absolutely delicious foods which deliver anywhere in the US for $10.00

2) There are also foods from Pamela,’s products :(ph:650-952-4546)

3) is excellent (ph: 800-331-5222)

4) Mrs Leeper’s Pasta

5) (888-50-ENJOY)

A good resource is: The gfcf Shopping Guide from: the gfcf Diet diet Support Group


Of course, there is the cookbook by Lisa Lewis that is very good as well

Good luck! I have many personal recipes that I will also share with you when I find some time!

I also like to use the super blender call Vita-Mix to make my own rice flour or almond butter etc since then know that there is no gluten or casein in them for sure (phone: 1-800-848-2649)

Please remember that it is important not to cross-contaminate. Of the patients that I have treated with the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) protocol, the patients that have lost their diagnosis are the ones with parents who meticulously use a different toaster for the gfcf bread.I know that it is a pain, but unfortunately has to be done

Good luck and God bless!

Miriam Jang MD

PS Please don’t forget that a lot of our sweet Autistic kids cannot eat foods high in oxalates or phenols: a lot of fruits and vegetables are high in these. If you do feed your kids on these, try giving then Houston Enzymes : No Fenol at the same time to minimize the damage. Please e-mail me if you would like my attachments on foods high in oxalates and in phenols: . Houston’s also has an enzyme call AFP Pepetizide which can help if a little bit of slip up with the gfcf diet occurs. I use 2 of these when there is a little contamination possible. So that is not to say to pig out on gluten and casein

On top of that, try to minimize food colors and additives because of Autistic kids inability to detoxify chemicals

lastly, don’t forget to keep sugars from all sources down to avoid the recurrence of yeast overgrowth

Good luck!

Miriam Jang MD



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