Posted by: miriamjang | January 8, 2008

Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Here is a posting from yesterday that really caught my attention :

“We made the trip to Costa Rica for stem cell therapy.  Our son will turn 23 in  February. The stem cell therapy went well.  What we  have noticed the
most since the therapy is the look of absolute hopelessness has  left our
son’s face. It has been replaced with smiles.  He is  definitely responding better
to the spoken work and spells out things very  fast.  Almost two months now.
The progress is very gradual.

I talked with the parent stem cell company rep. He said what I was describing was  normal.  Eventually the speech will come.  I pray that he is right.   Matt wants to talk!  ”

To this posting, I sent out this request:

Dear Listmates,

All the best in 2008!

 I have had many patients, of their own initiative, try different stem cell therapy, including the $10,000 treatment in which the patient is given multiple doses over a month. None of the patients had reported any improvements.

I would be interested to hear from all of you of what your patient’s results are

 Thanks a million!


 So I would love feedback from all of you reading this blog as well–of any results, positive or negative from stem cell therapy. For positive results, please let us know of the contact information for the stem cell therapy. Let us put our knowledge together and help oneanother!

 God bless all of you!




  1. I asked 2 places for stem cell therapies, they told me it doen´t make a big change in autism.
    This stem cells centers asked me to start the DAN protocle (i was already in), and to try HBOT (I did the HBOT by now), both gave me results.
    A little latter maybe a will try Stem cells.

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