Posted by: miriamjang | January 8, 2008

California Autism Study

This story is in all the newspapers today: for the complete story

A brief summary of this article is that, since thimersol has been removed from most vaccines in California, we expect a decrease in Autism rares. Since this did not happen, the study maintains that thimersol in vaccines is not linked to Autism.

My comments on this article is this:

As the mom of a 16year old Autistic son and a medical doctor  who treats only Autistic kids for over 10m years, I have been very interested in the Thimersol -Autism link. From my work with my patients, I believe that Thimersol is only part of the story. Studies show that Autistic individuals have defective genetic difficulties in detoxifying both heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The recent University of Toronto study shows multiple defective genomic sites.

Heavy metals do act synergistically; so if you have some Mercury from flu shots, lots of lead from everywhere, some arsenic from treated woods, some cadmium from gas fumes and there you have it. On top of that, you have a heavy load of toxic chemicals for these Autistic individuals to detoxify.

So even though Thimersol has been removed from most vaccines in CA and Autism rates stayed, this does not mean that Thimersol is completely innocent in the rise of Autism.

 In fact, when we test the heavy metals with a challenge test: giving the patient an agent that will draw out heavy metals and then collecting urine for 6 hours, we find that 100% of the kids have high lead levels, about 80% have high mercury levels, 60% have high arsenic levels etc. The other metals involved are: antimony, aluminum, cadmium, and tin. Aside from the vaccines, we cannot really find many sources of mercury for these kids. We know that mercury is found is found in some medications such as medicated eye and ear drops etc, but on the whole, these kids have not used these meds.

 Furthermore, when we chelate( removal of heavy metals) these kids, we find that, across the board, they improve in awareness, happiness, socialization and in language.

The most important data, as far as I am concerned is the number of parents who can correlate the onset of symptoms with receiving the vaccines–usually in a matter of days or weeks. I had that experience with my own son: he developed Autistic symptoms within days of receiving the hepatitis shot .

My hypothesis is this: the Autistic individual has genetic defects that lead to the inability to detoxify both heavy metals and chemicals. So it might be that the vaccines with thimersol is just the straw that breaks the camel’s back. You know how, in chemistry, you add one more drop of the reagent and the whole flask turns bright green or when you add one more drop of liquid and your container overflows. Only time will tell us the whole story, but for now, I still maintain that thimersol played a part.


Please share your experience with vaccines if any, good or bad below in tehcomment section


God bless!

 Miriam Jang MD









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